Boquete Outdoor Adventures

Jungle Trips

Cloud Forest Hike
The virgin cloud forest found on this privately-owned Lost Waterfalls Nature Reserve provides a beautiful backdrop to this hike. In route to hiking to the three amazing waterfalls, hikers will witness local flora and fauna and may even catch a glimpse elusive Resplendent Quetzal. Hikers can explore una cueva (cave), enjoy light snacks at the base of an most exquisite waterfall, and rejuvenate with an invigorating shower. Click here for more info.

Dos Jefes Organic Coffee Roasting and Tasting Tour!
Visit Finca Dos Jefes to take part in the process of bringing coffee from the bean to the cup, including roasting your very own coffee roast to take home! Boquete's rich volcanic soil and ideal climate have recently produced some of the highest rated coffees in the world. Moreover, we believe Finca Dos Jefes, as a local organic coffee finca in Boquete, has the most individual and informative tour around. Each Finca Dos Jefes tour is kept small and semi-private for an in-depth and hands-on experience you will be sure to remember. Click here for more info.

Canopy Zipline Tour
With 3 kilometers in total length divided into 12 different zip line cables, your tour will glide you through the trees and mountains of beautiful Boquete! The tour traverses a cloud forest through century-old trees, waterfalls, abundant wildlife and, possibly, a gentle rain we call bajareque. With all the proper equipment and safety instructions, you be ready for the ride of your life! Offered twice daily, this zip lining canopy tour is a great compliment to our other adrenaline-pumping activities. Click here for more info.

Quetzales Hike
Los Quetzales trail unites the two communities of Boquete and Cerro Punta and allows for the opportunity to witness the quite elusive Resplendent Quetzal, a magnificent and rare treat and a favorite among many birding enthusiasts. The 10 km trail climbs steadily (roughly 2500 vertical feet) as you pass from tropical rain forest to tropical cloud forest and takes approximately 4-6 hours to complete. Join us for our adventure hike through the Resplendent Quetzal habitat! Click here for more info.

Summit Volcan Baru
Take the challenge and hike up Panama's highest peak (3,475 meters/11,400 feet)! In about 4-7 hours, depending on one's physical condition, you'll make your way to the dormant volcano's summit, as you traverse through rolling green hills, to lush jungle, and finally to rocky cliffs. From Volcan Baru's summit, you will get the breath-taking panoramic view of Panama's two coastlines, the Pacific and the Carribean, as well as the mountains and jungles of Chiriqui. Click here for more info.

Horeseback Riding
Enjoy horseback riding through the warmer Caldera highlands above the Boquete Valley. After your riding orientation in Caldera, you'll saddle up and head out for the most spectacular views on horseback in Chiriqui. The trail meanders through open golden fields, green rolling hills, and finally across the mountain ridge and then down into the lush rainforest. From here you'll have an amazing panoramic of the Pacific Ocean, Chiriqui's lowlands, and Volcan Baru. This is an incredible riding experience for the whole family! Click here for more info.